Primary Care


At Community Health & Wellness Partners, our team of healthcare professionals and primary care physicians in Logan County strives to provide the highest level of care for our patients — including treating the whole person. In light of that quest, we have innovated new methods of delivering that care that push the boundaries of the traditional way healthcare is delivered.

We have implemented a team-based model of care to treat our patients. Through this integrated approach to primary care, teams of primary care, behavioral health and other healthcare professionals work together to more efficiently coordinate the care of our patients. Each morning, our healthcare professionals meet and review the patients they will be seeing that day to identify any potential ancillary needs, such as in-house resources from our chronic care manager, pharmacist, nutritionist or behavioral health team.

Each team is comprised of a physician, certified nurse practitioner, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, a chronic care therapist, a chronic care nurse, a case manager, as well as professionals from psychiatry, pharmacy and dietary.

This approach ensures that when our patients come to see their family doctors, they can receive all aspects of their care during one visit, in one location and by one team.