We Use Nutrition Science to Help Patients Live Healthy Lifestyles

Community Health & Wellness Partners has registered dietitians in Logan County who are part of our team-care model of providing primary care health services to patients.

Our registered dietitians — experts in food and nutrition — can offer education and screening for malnutrition, disordered eating, provide counseling for new diabetics or patients struggling with managing diabetes and offer general nutrition education. They can take complicated nutrition science and translate it into practical solutions for patients to lead healthy lifestyles.

Patients can be seen by a registered dietitian when they come for their normal primary care appointment, but they also can set up separate appointments to be seen by a dietitian. Such appointments include assessments of weight, height, waist circumference and other measurements. The dietitian also will discuss the patient’s lifestyle and habits, and they will gather information about their eating and nutrition habits. The second portion of the appointment is dedicated to education and creating an individualized plan with patient-centered goals