Primary Care Pharmacy Helps Patients Reach Health Goals

As a patient-centered medical home, Community Health & Wellness Partners provides a primary care pharmacist whose services are available to patients during a regular office visit or can be scheduled individually at any time.

While most pharmacists work in a community or hospital pharmacy dispensing prescriptions, the primary care pharmacist works collaboratively with the other providers at Community Health & Wellness Partners to optimize treatment plans and help patients understand how to take their medications or find more affordable options. In fact, our primary care providers may suggest to patients that they set up an appointment with our primary care pharmacist to help take better care of themselves and make sure they are taking the right medicines.

Our pharmacy services in Logan County include:

  • Reviewing medications to ensure that patients are getting the most benefit from what they are taking.
  • Helping patients find affordable medications.
  • Ensuring that patients do not have drug interactions.
  • Supporting patients in their smoking cessation plans.
  • Providing patient education on glucometers, medications, hypoglycemia, diet and exercise.
  • Screening patients for depression.
  • Performing a diabetic foot exam.
  • Performing pharmacogenomics testing.
  • Conducting a cardiovascular disease risk assessment and initiating therapy as appropriate.
  • Measuring blood pressure and heart rate and initiating, adjusting or discontinuing therapy, as appropriate, to help patients reach therapeutic goals.
  • Ordering and interpreting labs related to your medications.
  • Referring patients to diabetes education classes, ophthalmology, nutrition or social work services.