School-Based Health Center

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Why Have a School-Based Health Center?

Help Families Manage Children’s Needs

Community Health & Wellness Partners believes that school-based health care can play an important role in helping families manage the physical and mental health needs of their children. Having a health care center on-site at a school offers a convenient way for parents to have their child seen by a provider. A school-based health center also provides a consistent care provider relationship, reducing the need for parents to switch health care providers to fit their schedules or changes in health insurance.

The goal of a school-based health center is to minimize the time children are out of class and maximize the amount of time they spend learning. Studies have shown that students who receive school-based health care also have fewer long-term health issues and experience improved academic outcomes.

Families also maintain complete control over what health services their children receive or do not receive.

Improve Educational Outcomes

Learning cannot be as effective if students are not in class, healthy and engaged. School-based health care connects students to health care providers in a way that minimizes overall disruption to their learning activities — including tardiness or early dismissals.

Research has shown that schools that provide health care on-site report better graduation rates, improved grade promotion, lower rates of absenteeism, tardiness, withdrawals and dropouts, failing grades and fewer disciplinary problems.

Teachers can support school-based health initiatives by alerting providers of possible student health issues to help students receive care when the need is greatest.

Keep All Students Healthy

School-based health centers provide access to health care for all children whose parents have given permission, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. A school-based health care provider provides care where the children are present almost every day — at school — and children are more likely to receive regular preventative care.

Build Strong Parent and School Support

When parents give permission for their children to be seen at a school-based health center, they know they will not have to miss work to care for minor problems. They also know that their children will receive prompt attention from health care providers trained at working with youth.

School administrators and teachers are extremely supportive of school-based health centers because health centers allow them to focus on their role of educating students who are healthy and ready to learn.

Improves Community Health Outcomes

School-based health centers support the community by providing a consistent way for students to receive much-needed care and for their families to get critical support. School-based health also leads to other community health outcomes:

  • Fewer complex health issues related to chronic conditions like asthma
  • Lower number of urgent care and emergency room visits
  • Improved delivery of vaccinations and other preventative services

What If We Already Have a Primary Care Provider?

Our school-based health center does not seek to replace any student’s current provider — it serves as another touchpoint for students to receive health support. A school-based health care professional can partner and collaborate with your own primary care provider help ensure that students are following their prescribed treatment plans, or flag new health issues. The school-based health center can also provide integrated services, such as nutrition and pharmacy services, to treat the whole person. All patient information will be communicated in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Overall, we believe that primary care providers will be pleased that students are healthier and more likely to achieve their full academic potential by having easy access to high-quality care.

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